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Data Backup and Recovery for continous business operations

We Work for IT.

Integrated Backup and Data Recovery Solutions to safeguard and restore critical information in the event of a disaster.

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Data Backup and Recovery
Backup e Recuperação de Dados

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions from CompuWorks

Our Backup and Data Recovery solutions give answer to challenges associated with the digital transformation of companies.

With the growth of information stored digitally, data loss and recovery deserves our full focus when it comes to business information security.

Thw is why we supply Data Backup  and Recovery solutions which offer workload protection and continuity of operations. We provide solutions on premise or in the Cloud, with integrated systems for Disaster Recovery. These are Backup solutions with high levels of data and information security.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Backup em DataCenter DataCenters
  • NAS - Network Attached Storage NAS – Network Attached Storage
  • SaaS Backup SaaS Backup
  • Cloud Backup Cloud Storage
  • BaaS e DRaaS BaaS and DRaaS

Systems Management and Resilience

  • Backup e Disaster Recovery Backup e Disaster Recovery combined solutions
  • Armazenamento imutável Immutable storage
  • Deduplicação de Dados Data Deduplication
  • Proteção Sophos Sophos Protection
  • Consola de Gestão na nuvem ou privada Cloud or private Management Console
  • Relatórios detalhados Detailed reports

Data Backup for information protection

  • Backup de Estações de trabalho Work stations
  • Backup de Dispositivos Devices and endpoints
  • Escritório remoto Remote office
  • Backup de Bases de Dados Data bases
  • Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365

We are SILVER partner of one of the main providers of business continuity solutions with Data Backup and Recovery protection systems

CompuWorks is one of the major Arcserve partner in Portugal. We chose this partnership because Arcserve is one of the main providers of data protection, backup and recovery solutions around the world.

The Silver status attributed to CompuWorks is recognition of merit, the result of the professionalism and knowledge we demonstrate through the implementation of Arcserve solutions.

ArcServe - Soluções de Backup e Restauração de dados com Segurança

We provide Secure Data Backup and Recovery solutions

Our partnerships with the best manufacturers allow us to provide complete and secure Backup solutions.

Backup informática e recuperação de dados offsite e Cloud

Backup informática e recuperação de dados offsite e Cloud

Secure and flexible Data Backup

Our ArcServe partnership allows us to offer integrated soltions which are mroe resilient and reliable.

Take advantage of Data Recovery technology to ensure the protection of all your business information.

Advantages of our Business Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions

Critical data loss prevention

Critical data loss prevention

Scheduling automated incremental and scalable backups allows you to avoid the loss of critical business data. Gain Data Recovery capability within your organization.

Ongoing protection

Ongoing protection

Isolated and encrypted storage protects your most valuable assets: all corporate information.
We provide Backup solutions with IT Security.

Protect SaaS Data

Protect SaaS Data

Safeguard Microsoft Office 365 data with our feature-rich, easy-to-use backup and recovery solutions.

Minimize downtime

Minimize downtime

Avoid system failures that can cause downtime in your operations. We create system backups so that failures can be easily overcome, optimizing operability and reducing your business costs.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Professional Backup & Data Recovery Solutions allow you to recover data reliably, quickly and efficiently, to access server applications and data, overcoming system deficiency.

Resilience and continuity

Resilience and business continuity

Protection against ransomware and other vulnerabilities, with monitoring, scans, data encryption and other control and security technologies, keeps your Backups protected.

Reducing IT complexity

Reducing IT complexity

Eliminate the integration of different systems that require more IT human resources. Rely on unified management, data protection, and reduce the time spent on computer maintenance by almost half.

Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Simplify legal discovery and compliance audits. Comply with all regulations including GDPR, using cloud solutions with offsite backups.

Cut Data Protection Costs

CompuWorks gives you the flexibility to choose from a full range of features that meet your needs and eliminate countless different tools.

What does CompuWorks has to offer your business

Multidisciplinary Team

The successful implementation of your backup systems requires the complementarity of different skills and the know-how of experienced teams..

CompuWorks offers you a multidisciplinary team of IT consultants and backup and security experts.

Our focus on training our IT technicians allows us to offer innovative and safe solutions, suited to the needs of each customer..

Unified and permanent Monitoring

CompuWorks offers managed and unified services, as well as centralized monitoring solutions in the cloud, to assist your IT teams.

Your data Backup and Recovery systems are monitored 24×7 to ensure data integrity and availability.

Centralize the maintenance effort with our IT technicians always available to provide you with all the support you need.

Unified Data Protection and Recovery tools

An essential part of keeping your information safe is ensuring its availability and integrity..

With the growing sophistication of cyber attacks in Portugal, it is increasingly necessary to have a unified Backup and Disaster Recovery plan.

With our Backup solutions you secure critical business information is protected. In addition, you now have the immediate ability to restore services, data and applications in the event of an incident, minimizing damage to your company.

Protect your business assets

Rest assured with Backup Solutions for your business

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions keep work moving forward.

Our Data Backup solutions
are designed for always-on, resilient and protected businesses

Business resilience involves the protection and constant availability of systems and information.

Therefore, our Backup and Data Recovery solutions are based on 3 key vectors:

Prevent – Protect – Recover
Backup informática para Prevenir, Proteger, Recuperar


Avoid risks and damages arising from data loss. Our Backup and Recovery solutions guarantee almost zero impact for your business.

If the worst happens, ensure that your operations resume as soon as possible and avoid productivity losses.


Make sure your data and systems are always secure, accessible and optimized. Protect your business against cyber threats by integrating cutting-edge IT Backup solutions.

Face cyber attacks with our Backup, threat prevention, detection and recovery solutions.


Immediate access to data saved in the cloud from anywhere, with Cloud Disaster Recovery services.

Ensure quick and efficient recovery, safely and without loss.

What to expect from our Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Our Data Backup and Recovery solutions offer enterprise-level protection.

We have a wide range of solutions with access to extensive options of data protection and recovery products and tools. Including advanced security solutions powered by Sophos AI.

These are scalable solutions designed to suit your business.

Backup e Data Recovery

What you gain from our Data Backup and Restore Solutions

Increase business continuity

Data Backup protects your business information

We work, IT works.

Data Backup solutions minimize costly downtimes, business disasters and reputational damage caused by data loss. Additionally, they enable quick recovery in the event of an incident.

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Secure and certified partnerships are at the foundation of any business

We are partners with the best technology brands

What sets us appart

Our accumulated experience of more than 20 years of existence in the IT business market provides your company with leading edge, secure and reliable solutions.

20 year Experience Experience

More than 20 years IT experience.

Profissional Team Profissional Team

Customer dedication, multidisciplinary team with constant training.

24×7 Support 24×7 Support

On site or remote support, with centralized management and monitoring.

Partnership you can trust Partnership you can trust

We offer total availability and focus on the customer’s goals. We promote relationships of transparency, continuity and trust.

IT Consulting and Auditing IT Consulting and Auditing

We create a requirements assessment and present capable technological solutions.

Certified Partner Certified Partner

We are an IT partner with recognition from technology brands. We also have partnerships with international, market-leading brands and manufacturers.

Full IT Assistance Full IT Assistance

We provide Managed IT Services by teams of specialized IT technicians, in order to free up your IT teams for operations of greater value to your business.

Everything we do is based on 3 key vectors adapted to your business:

  • IT Security
  • Productivity
  • Reliability

We are your technology partner to protect all of your business information ensuring recovery of your systems and information.

Checkout our Backup and Data Recovery solutions

We are your professional and certified partner with the best solutions

Our IT experts ensure the correct use of the best solutions for the continuity and stability of your business operations, without data loss..

Data Backup and Recovery related solutions

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