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IT Security Services for unstoppable work operationss

We Work, IT Works.

Prevent cyberattacks with the most reputable IT Security Information brands and experts. IT Monitoring keeps your data protected and your end users can work without restraints.

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IT Security Services
IT Securityy Information Services

We are specialized in Cyber Security

CompuWorks provides IT Security experts to achive protection of your information data. We offer IT Security services that allow you to meet current and future IT challenges.

We assure IT security services and solutions against different cyber security threats with a countless options:

  • Intrusion and phishing protection systems
  • Remote and continuous IT Monitoring
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Data Backup and Restore systems for networks
  • Email security
  • Computer Support and maintenance for all your users and devices ensuring best practices
  • and many other IT Security Solutions to keep your data safe

Types of IT Security Services you must have

Networks and Systems Security

From intrusion prevention to defining access policies and network segmentation, there are countless security options.

Our IT Security Services can include:

We protect your business’s critical applications, data integrity and reliability, with proactive maintenance services and system monitoring.

Hardware and Endpoint Security

It Security begins with best practices in setting up your devices and their access permissions.

We apply IT Security setting required to protect pivotal business data in all devices and user endpoints.

IT Security Solutions we can offer:

  • Endpoint Protectioin, EPP
  • Endpoint Detection and Response, EDR
  • Extended Protection and Response, XDR

Email Security

Use prevention and detection solutions for business email for clean and secure inboxes. These avoid threats and attacks like phishing, the most commonly used to catch less attentive users.

Our IT Security Solutions for Email include different resources like:

  • block insecure connections and filter web contents;
  • automatic protection against phishing, malware and ransomware;
  • firewall, antivurus, antispyware, antispam
  • security alerts and user training, to raise awareness among its users of the risks they face
  • inside out security;
  • traffic correlation from all users.

IT Security Monitoring

Each business uses different softwares and applications.

Using reliable and secure software and applications, as well as their updates, are an essential detail.

We manage IT Security alloning your business to keep private dta secure.

  • Set access and security policies
  • Centralize system administration
  • NOC and SOC, for a prompt protection, detection and response
  • Apply security rules for infrastructures and networks
  • Patch management
  • Automatic updates for software and other application, outside working hours
  • Zero-Trust and Threat Hunting models to classify and automatically block all malicious applications

IT Security Information Services

IT Security: What yyou can get with CompuWorks

CompuWorks provides complete systems for corporate IT Security.

But more than secure systems, you gain a unified IT protection strategy. We implement robust systems and good information security practices, in order to protect all systems, users and devices.

We protect your business with next-gen integrated technologies

IT Security Services for Business

We provide services and solutions that enable a fast response to cyber attacks and threats.

Protect your business’s critical information by applying proactive protection measures and minimize the risks of unauthorized access.

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Earnings with our IT Security services for your business

Our IT Consultants will evaluate the best IT Security strategy to implement in your company, choosing the right technologies and systmes suited to the risks it faces.

The goal is to achieve significant gains for your business when investing in IT Security Services.

IT Security Services to keep your business running

We Work, IT Works.

We apply only the best cybersecurity practices and solutions. Ensure the continuity of your business.

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Why choose

CompuWorks provides you with a multidisciplinary team with practical experience in IT Security..

We are always looking for solutions that better fit your business.

In addition, we setup all cyber security systems and allow your IT to evolve in accordance with current best practices.

What to expect from our IT Security Services

Multidisciplinary team

Cybersecurity requires the combination of different skills with the know-how of experienced teams.

CompuWorks provides you with remote monitoring with IT technicians, as well as information systems consultants and cybersecurity experts.

We have dedicated teams with different skills and qualifications, and we provide them constant training. Only this way can we grant innovative and safe solutions, suited to the needs of each client.

Integrated Information Security Strategies

Our professionals work closely with customers to evaluate their business operations, requirements and objectives.

This way we are able to set integrated solutions, capable of responding to individual problems and challenges existing in each department.

As a result we offer greater business continuity and stability, with significant gains for our customers.

  • Planning and implementing cyber security processes and systems;
  • Setting automation and computer monitoring systems;
  • Maintenance and evolutionary management services;
  • Access redundancy implementation;
  • Computer diagnostics and audits;
  • Administration and system upgrades;
  • Data reporting and analysis.

Systems and Network Administration

We offer a full service:

  • Network and systems planning and architecture.
  • Solution implementation and delivery.
  • Regular firewall monitoring and checks,
  • Intrusion prevention, access validation.
  • Proactive actions to optimize systems and practices.
  • Most advanced technological solutions.

We implement and manage all platforms to keep your entire network protected from intrusions, phishing attempts, malware, ransomware and more.

IT Monitoring

CompuWorks guarantees the IT management and monitoring of all systems and endpoints, in order to ensure the continuity of Information Security so that your business is protected.

We guarantee centralized and scalable management, for multiple locations and teams with integrated and remote systems.

Free yourself from worries with a partner that offers you permanent, remote monitoring. We implement automatic alert, response and resolution systems for any detected incident.

Data Backup and Restore Solutions

Part of keeping your information safe is ensuring its integrity and availability.

With the increasing refinement of ransomware and cyberattacks in Portugal, it is essential to have a backup and data recovery plan..

We offer different solutions, with IT backup in the cloud or remote and local data centers.

Furthermore, we always provide best implementaion practices, manage and monitor backup systems so you can rest assured.

Our clients’ critical business data is essential for the continuity of their operations. And, for all this, CompuWorks seeks to ensure that your company is protected and data recovery is guaranteed in the event of a disaster or cyber attack..

Find out more about our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions »

IT Security Consultancy

We are a complete IT Security Service partner. With CompuWorks you gain IT Technicians with expertise in different technologies and IT Security options.

We will advise your business with the best options available according to your requirements and what we discover is missing in IT Security practices.

We are an IT partner you can count on to have the best IT Security solutions tailored to your company. Make sure you can run your operations safely and efficiently.

Read more about our Managed IT Services »

24x7 Support

We give 24×7 Support by phone or email.

In addition, we go to your facilities whenever necessary.

Get to know the numbers that set us apart

Get to know the numbers that set us apart

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20 years CompuWorks
CompuWorks PME Líder 2023
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We are partners with the most reputable brands in IT

Trust a certified partner like CompuWorks. We are IT professionals.

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Understand the role of IT Security in your business

The digital transformation has changed the world and companies, making them undeniably more efficient through technology.

However, the associated security risks have grown as much as the performance improvements observed.

For this reason, it is essential to ensure IT Security and monitoring of information systems.

You’ve probably heard about many cyber attacks in Portugal. But did he know that most of these attacks resulted in the theft or leakage of data and extortion attempts?

Invest in IT Security services with an external company certified in the best security solutions, and be prepared. Choose CompuWorks.

Cyber attacks and Cyber Security

The increasing sophistication of attacks and threats coming from different locations and forms has imposed higher security demands at various levels.

Likewise, IT Security has evolved and become more demanding.

More than avoiding threats, it is necessary to minimize exposure to risks through proactive actions and constant monitoring of systems and networks.

IT security in companies must combine all information systems, networks, servers, devices and users. In addition, it must ensure the easy replacement of information in the event of data deterioration.

Cyber attacks and Cyber Security
IT Security

The challenges of IT Security

Nowadays, companies face numerous security challenges and there is no single or one-off solution.

IT Security includes different components that, together, offer superior protection and continuity of operations and business.

A simple firewall or anti-virus is not enough against advanced cyberattacks.

IT security solutions aim to increase companies’ resilience against risks and failures.

It is essential to have permanent monitoring solutions, Backup and Disaster Recovery, plus other solutions, all interconnected and with centralized management.

We are your IT Security partner

We are ready to start securing your business.

Our experts and cyber security teams assure you the right solutions, applying best practices so that your bussiness operations can continue to run smoothly.

IT Security Information related solutions

Ensure IT Security Services for your business

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