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Cloud Computing Services for agile businesses

We work for IT.

Take advantage of the power of Cloud Services and Virtual Datacenters and optimize resources. We migrate all your applications and services to the Cloud with resource optimization.

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Cloud Computing Services
Cloud Computing Services

Why update your infrastructure with CompuWorks Cloud Solutions

CompuWorks offers a complete range of Cloud Services and Solutions. We setup the appropriate models crucial for the success of your business.

Our teams analyze, design and implement solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. We offer solutions that guarantee simple procedures, security, operations and cost reduction.

Discover our Cloud Computing Services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing:

Choose cloud computing resources with virtual machines for data processing, services and applications.

  • Cloud Computing Cloud Computing
  • Virtualização de serviços e aplicações Service and application virtualization
  • Crescimento e downsizing da VM VM scalle up and scale down
  • Cloud híbrida, pública e privada Hybrid, public and Private Cloud
  • Soluções Cloud SaaS SaaS Cloud Services (Software as a Service)

Cloud Storage:

Move to the Cloud, in order to have more security and data availability.

  • Datacenter Físico ou Virtual Virtual Data center
  • Housing Housing
  • Cloud híbridas, públicas e privadas Hybrid, Public or Private Cloud
  • Soluções Cloud de IaaS, PaaS, SaaS IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS Cloud Solutions
  • Storage na Cloud para M365 Application Cloud Storage for M365, files and emails

Cloud Databases:

We setup VMs (virtual machines) where ERP based services occur, such as PHC, SAP or Primavera.

  • Microsoft SQL Server databases Microsoft SQL Server databases flexible licensing.
  • Certified installation Certified installation by IT technicians
  • Use of Cloud Services resources Use of Cloud Services resources.
  • Infrastructure design compatible with your applications Infrastructure design compatible with your applications.
  • Virtual storage, memory, and processing flexibility Virtual storage, memory, and processing flexibility.

Cloud Backup:

Cloud Backup Solutions capable of restoring your data and systems in the event of failure or ransom attack.

We protect your company against permanent business losses, such as intrusion, malware, cyberattacks or even involuntary actions of your employees.

  • check Data Restore solutions from VMs.
  • check Complete recovery, of individual files or specific applications.
  • check BaaS BaaS (Backup as a Service) Cloud Solutions
  • check cloud High-end cloud solutions for recovering your company’s critical data.
  • check Replication of hired virtual machines in an alternative datacenter.
  • check Ability to restart services in the event of a disaster from the main data center.

Cloud-based management for Virtual datacenter:

Get fully remote management for virtual infrastructures, without the need for any physical system in your facilities.

  • Check Private Data center, with monitoring and surveillance.
  • Check Access policies
  • Check Control and access settings for applications, files and backup copies in a cloud-based environment.
  • Check Access limitation by geolocation and IP.
  • check Virtual Firewall.
  • Check Private access networks integrated with public addressing networks and VMs.
  • check Secure VPN remote Gateway
  • check MSP services for Cloud virtualization: fully managed VM and cloud services.

Safe Cloud services:

Oferecemos um modelo de managed services com soluções otimizadas e seguras.

  • Check Continuos service management and monitoring.
  • Check Setting for access policies and users.
  • Check Regular checks of system health and resources.
  • Check Virtual firewall.
  • Check Network intrusion detection services.
  • Check Multifactor Authentication.

NOTE: Off-site data storage and backups are a mandatory requirement of the Ministry of Finance (decree law 28 of 2019, Conservation of copy files and security), as well as recommended by the GDPR guidelines, in force since May 15, 2018 in Portugal.

Migrating Services to the Cloud

Full stack services by CompuWorks:

  • Management, IT monitoring and 24×7 IT support.
  • Monitoring of virtual or physical networks and servers, preventing potential downtime and possible security breaches.
  • Your business sets required SLAs, retention periods and service quotas.
  • CompuWorks provides fully managed Cloud services and solutions, fulfilling hired SLAs, in accordance with your legal and compliance requirements.

Cloud architecture models

Each model is suitable for different purposes. we assess your business needs to identify the model that generates the most value for your business.

Our Cloud solutions give you a competitive advantage with multiplatform infrastructures from market-leading manufacturers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

We ensure the adoption of the Cloud architecture model that best suits your requirements and business goals.

Let’s accelerate your investment with full business value. Our IT consultants provide all the necessary support from the very beginning to provide the model that offers you the greatest competitive edge.

Procedure for Cloud architecture setup:

  1. Requirements assessment
  2. Cloud Architecture design
  3. Cloud services migration / setup
  4. Cloud-based IT Infrastructure management

Public Cloud Public Cloud

CompuWorks provides outsourced cloud services, with computing resources, server and storage in the cloud. Namely, with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS platforms.

We provide your organization full support to setup and manage your business services in the Cloud. We develop flexible Public Cloud models, with centralized management for all infrastructures regardless of where they are hosted.

By opting for the Public Cloud, all infrastructure, hardware and software is owned by the service provider. CompuWorks performs all management, with the scalability you need.

Private Cloud Private Cloud

We provide Virtual Datacenter solutions. These are private network services and infrastructures with dedicated resources. Private Cloud allows access to exclusive computing resources for your company.

You get acces to our IT technicians who develop infrastructures with the necessary performance and availability to achive business success..

  • Private Datacenter, with monitoring, surveillance and access control.
  • Robust platforms, with redundant architecture.
  • Scalable solutions.
  • Integration with your business networks.
  • Storage, Backup and disaster recovery at a secondary data center.
  • Management and maintenance of installed infrastructure and services.

Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid solutions provide greater flexibility and security, by combining Public and Private Cloud. At CompuWorks we use technologies where data and applications are shared between Public and Private Cloud.

We empower your company with Cloud services and solutions optimized with the most modern features in the market. Combine the best of a virtual private data center from major global brands such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

In addition, our specialized technicians carry out all IT infrastructure management. This demands advanced IT operations that seamlessly integrate infrastructure, data and applications to support a more resilient digital enterprise.

Move to the Cloud

Optimized resource management with CompuWorks

Byy migrating your systems and services to the Cloud with CompuWorks you get access to top quality Cloud solutions.
This is the only way to take advantage of agile solutions. From service migration, Cloud Computing, to Cloud resource management. We work so that your business can achieve better competitive results.

What to expect from our Cloud Computing Services

Scalable Resources Scalable Resources:

Cloud solution enables you to have virtual resource capacity scaling. In other words, providing the right amount of resources exactly when they are needed.

With our high availability and performance solutions, we can quickly resize computing resources, with a wide variety of configurations.

Lets adapt it to your needs:

  • check Processing capacity (vCPU) and memory (vRAM)
  • check Storage (NVMe, SSD, SAS and NL-SAS)
  • check Operating systems – Microsoft e Linux
  • check Databases – Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL
  • check Firewall and antivírus
  • check Network integration – VPN or dedicated access

Reliability and Compliance Reliability and Compliance:

Our storage and Cloud Computing solutions offer high levels of performance and security, allowing you to safeguard critical business data.

We present IT Security solutions, Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, redundant architecture, and everything you need to guarantee business continuity.

Have a wide range of services and solutions for migrating networks, systems and platforms, so that your data is mirrored in several redundant locations and easily recovered without loss of critical business information.

This way we can meet compliance standards to which your business is obliged.

check Unified management services:

Achieve optimized management with a Managed Service Provider. We offer Cloud solutions fully managed by IT professionals. Our goal is to streamline the way your company designs, manages and consumes resources in a multi-cloud environment.

From user management, resources consumption monitoring, private network settings, to backup and security policies. CompuWorks monitors the entire Cloud infrastructure, managing resources and controlling access so you can fully focus on your business strategy.

Take advantage from our expertise and know-how, availability and technical skills of CompuWorks’ systems administrators. We will manage and support your cloud platforms. This frees up your internal teams to focus on the organization’s priorities.

check Multidisciplinary Team

Local data centers require a lot of work from specialized IT technicians to setup and manage the infrastructure and associated IT technologies.

With our Cloud Solutions, you eliminate the need for many of these tasks, obtaining greater security and stability for systems and infrastructures.

In addition, CompuWorks provides a multidisciplinary team of consultants and IT technicians with the skills needed to set your teams free.

Competitive edge of our Cloud Computing Solutions

We are ready to take on any challenge. From one-off projects for a specific problem, to completly migrate all your organization’s services and information.

CompuWorks team ensures all the support you need. Gain a long-term partnership, with specialized IT teams working closely with you.

We work to continuously improve and optimize your company’s Cloud environment.

Soluções Cloud

Grow your business

Take advantage of secure and flexible Cloud Computing Services

We work, IT works.

Lets start designing flexible Cloud solutions fitted to your business at any moment in time.

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Why you should move your business data to the Cloud

Virtual data centers and cloud computing represent a major shift from traditional on-premises technology resources.

Investing in Cloud solutions provides more advanced, secure and stable networks and infrastructures. Users may access files anytime, anywhere, using any device. This is the key to staying one step ahead of the competition.

With CompuWorks you are unleash the right solutions for competitiveness needs and requirements.

Cloud migration
Benefits why our customers have moved to the Cloud:

Cloud Solutions improve ROI

Business resilience involves assuring protection and constant availability of systems and information.

We hire the best IT talent, invest in the best tools and design solutions that promote the return on investment you want.

CompuWorks knows all Cloud models and services, their differences and individual benefits, making it easier to choose the right Cloud solution to help you achieve your business goals.

Soluções Cloud

Cloud Computing Services for improved future outcomes

Leverage digital transformation of your business with Cloud computing services

We lead the way for your Cloud transformation solutions fitted to your current processes and systems.
We provide IT professional advice and recommend the optimal cloud migration strategy, identifying the right features to deliver business results.

Secure and certified partnerships are at the foundation of any business

We are partners with the best technology brands

What sets us appart

We have the IT expertise to design and manage all your Cloud Services, as well as establish access permissions in compliance with your organization’s requirements.

20 year Experience Experience

More than 20 years IT experience.

Profissional Team Profissional Team

Customer dedication, multidisciplinary team with constant training.

24×7 Support 24×7 Support

On site or remote support, with centralized management and monitoring.

Partnership you can trust Partnership you can trust

We offer total availability and focus on the customer’s goals. We promote relationships of transparency, continuity and trust.

IT Consulting and Auditing IT Consulting and Auditing

We create a requirements assessment and present capable technological solutions.

Certified Partner Certified Partner

We are an IT partner with recognition from technology brands. We also have partnerships with international, market-leading brands and manufacturers.

Full IT Assistance Full IT Assistance

We provide Managed IT Services by teams of specialized IT technicians, in order to free up your IT teams for operations of greater value to your business.

Everything we do is based on 3 key vectors adapted to your business:

  • IT Security
  • Productivity
  • Reliability

Face your business challenges with CompuWorks Cloud Computing services and an infrastructure model tailored to your needs.

Innovate with Cloud Computing Services

Get the best Cloud solution models with a certified partner

Our IT Technicians desiggm implement, manage and monitor your Cloud Computing services.

Cloud Computing Services related solutions

Looking to migrate you business services to the Cloud?

We can move your company’s digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications either partially, or wholly, into the cloud.
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