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Managed Service provider to give you a competitive edge

We work, IT works.

We are your Managed Service Provider. CompuWorks takes responsibility for your systems, so they keep running. Free yourself from reactive and corrective actions with the expertise of our professionals.

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Managed Service Provider
Managed Service Provider

Why should you invest in Managed IT Services

With digital transformation, the profitability of your business depends on maximizing all the computing and technological resources of your IT infrastructures..

The increasing complexity of information systems takes away your time with secondary and reactive tasks, but critical to your business operations. Therefore, it reduces its growth capacity by removing focus from the main activities.

Therefore, risks and failures in IT systems, which occur on a daily basis, means that many employees have to stop their usual operations to solve technical problems, which are not always within the reach of their knowledge.

By hiring a Managed IT Service Provider your company manager can focus entirely on the business strategy, knowing it has an IT partner he can trust. Get rid of the break and fix model. We can manage and optimize all your IT systems.

We are your MSP par excellence, with a global offering of IT solutions, for smarter business operations.

Reduce IT risks and failures

Daily IT management requires maximum dedication, since no IT system can stop, become slow or obsolete.

With a Managed Service Provider you gain a partner in business, but above all you get reliable and optimized solutions. That way you can reduce risks and failueres in your IT sysmtems, networks and computers, optimizing incident response.

Increase business competitive edge

Ensure the productivity of your employees and boost business competitiveness by optimizing information systems.

Failure reduction is achieved with computer systems always operational, without downtime, and immediate problem resolution.

Optimize performance

Increase operations efficiency by centralizing all efforts in one business partner to provide you with Managed IT Services.

Only an experience MSP can garantee optimal functioning and innovation to all your IT infrastructures. This way you can achieve greater performance and profitability, through maximized resources and avoid downtime in operations.

Reduce costs

Keep control of your organization’s costs with the confidence and freedom of action you need in order to manage your business, without constraints or restrictions.

An MSP optimizes IT services and resources, reducing costs in managing information systems, avoiding current risks and preventing your company from future problems.

Benefits of having a Managed Service Provider

Optimize your IT potencial with CompuWorks, your Managed Service Provider

We provide technical knowledge, combined experience and service assurance necessary to obtain significant business gains.

We are a managed IT services partner with the aim of providing you with all the necessary skills. Our goal is to add value to your business and drive growth.

Monetize your business with an MSP

Ensure a reliable Managed Service Provider

Free your employees for added valued tasks for the business.

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Discover our offer as a Managed Service Provider

Service Desk – Support 24×7

Centralize IT incident management for your employees with our 24×7 support.

Our Service Desk ensures:

  • check An IT experts Team always available to give your employees full support.
  • check Handling reported anomalies and incidents.
  • check Choice of IT technicians and expert profiles, on an exclusive or external basis.
  • check Rapid intervention anywhere.
Managed Services: Service Desk e Suporte Informático 24x7
Managed Services Provider: Administração de Infraestruturas e Sistemas

IT Systems and Networks Administration

Keep your business running smoothly with our Managed IT Services for IT Infrastructure Management.

  • check Plan and implement Networks and IT Systems.
  • check Administration and continuous monitoring of Networks and servers.
  • check Migrating servers and other information system services.
  • check Detect service failures and rapid intervention.
  • check Supervision equiments and physical network infrastructures.
  • check Performance management in order to take preventive and corrective measures.
  • check Performance and resource optimization to ensure the availability of communication networks.
  • check Monitor Firewalls with intrusion checkups, preventive and corrective maintenance and backup stability review.
  • check Event resolution response and escalation to 2nd line-of-defense, implementing new prevention mechanisms.
  • check Management, support and continuous maintenance according to business needs.

This way you get more reliability, progress and security for all systems.

Desktop Management

Desktop management gives you acces to expert support acquiring consistent quality for all workstations and authorized endpoints.

  • check OnBoarding and Off Boarding users.
  • check Software setup, settings configuration and updates..
  • check Support for your workers via Service Desk on site or remotely.
  • check Computer and miscellaneous hardware support.
  • check We ensute good security practices and stability of all devices.
  • check Computer management, monitoring and system optimization for best performance, availability or any necessary operational requirements.
Managed Services: Desktop Management
Managed Services Provider | Serviços Geridos

More Managed Service Provider options and solutions

Our main goal providing Managed IT Services is to ensure availability, reliability and security of all your infrastructures, IT systems and networks, which are are the root foundations of your business operations.

This is the only way you can get a quick response for any IT urgency.

Therefore, CompuWorks combines a series of technological skilss in differente IT domains, from which your company can gain more agility and be able to provide a better service to its own customers.

Grow your business with smart IT models

Trust a Managed Service Provider

We work, IT works.

Focus on your business with the confidence of having a specialized and certified partner by your side.

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Why choose
CompuWorks as your MSP

CompuWorks puts the expertise of IT professionals at your disposal. We give assistance to your critical IT services which are the foundations of all your operations.

We work proactively, suggesting new solutions to make tIT environments more efficient and safe.

What to expect from our Managed IT Services


We have over 20 years of experience in providing IT support services for businesses, managing many clients who remain with us for more than 15 years.


We give you complete flexibility and have the ability to adapt to any organization’s IT systems and workflows.


We seek to achieve optimal use of resources, reduce risks and promote innovation of your business.


We put our experience and talented IT technicians at your service, so we can support your business technology needs.


We have a multidisciplinary team, highly responsible and dedicated in solving any IT problem. Always professional and focused on our customers’ business.

More about our company and team »


We assure you IT professionals with ongoing training, tailored to market innovations and demands of each customer.


We are certified partners with main IT brands and information system technologies.

24x7 Support

We have a quick intervention lookout line, Service Desk, IT monitoring and information systems management available so you can always rest assured.


With CompuWorks you get a partner with more than 20 years of IT experience. We carry out solutions that add value to your business.

Get to know the numbers that set us apart

Get to know the numbers that set us apart

20 years CompuWorks
CompuWorks PME Líder 2023
20 years CompuWorks
CompuWorks PME Líder 2023
Postos de trabalho protegidos


Work stations

Nºº de utilizadores acompanhados


Monitored end users

Equipamentos móveis protegidos


Secured mobile devices

Horas de assistência


Support hours/ Year

Servidores instalados


Installed servers

Ataques informáticos evitados


Prevented Cyberattacks

Our results speak for themselves

We have been managing IT services for customers for over 15 years, which clearly demonstrates their satisfaction.

Find out how CompuWorks has played an important role in the growth and evolution of Tejo Brinde’s business, as its Managed Services Provider partner.

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Trust a partner who is certified by the most reputable brands in IT

With CompuWorks you get a certified IT partner.

Improve incident response

We are experts in Managed IT Services

CompuWorks Managed IT Services are an asset in relieving your organization of daily IT activities.
We optimize performance and monitor your IT resources speeding up your business operations.

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