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Network and Endpoint Security keeps work moving forward

We work for IT.

Networks, Systems and Endpoints Securityy is crucial to protect you business support infrastructures. Our unified solutions reduce threat detection and response time.

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Network and Endpoint Security
nwtworks and Endpoint Security

Understand network and Endpoint Security Solutions CompuWorks provides

Network and Endpoint Security

We provide comprehensive cloud-managed Network Security solutions.

Additionally, CompuWorks provide professional IT Technicians to design networks of any size with built-in security:

  • firewall, Acesso seguro à rede Network security Firewalls
  • WiFi seguro Secure Wi-Fi
  • Segurança de Endpoints Endpoint Security
  • MFA Multi Factor Authentication – MFA / 2FA
  • Gestão e monitorização centralizada Cloud-based monitoring and management

Unified Security Solutions for Networks and Endpoints

No matter how complex your business is, our solution architecture enables security and IT teams with comprehensive protection for networks, endpoints, Wi-Fi, and identities. It compbines features and tools like firewall or VPN, and delivers operational automation, centralized administration, visibility, and reporting.

With ThreatSync you acquire an additional access protection to any company device, prevents unauthorized entry and users, reducing potencial cyber threats.

Unified Security Solutions for Networks and Endpoints


We provide threat-free network security devices, high-performance firewalls, from day one.

  • Powerful Networks Security devices
  • Virtual and Cloud-based services Firewall
  • Zero Trust Security Firewall
  • High-performance and high-gade security
  • Antivirus and protection against spam, vírus, malware and intrusions
  • Higher protection with SSL inspection and encryption
  • Access to security service updates
  • Secure Cloud-based management
  • Reporting, threat correlation, pattern detection for optimized and simplified decisions

Secure Wi-Fi Access Points

Easy to use wireless:access points

  • Indoor, Outdoor Access Points
  • WPA3 encryption
  • Wi-Fi 6 access points
  • High performance
  • Cloud-based management platform
  • Policy and VPN management
  • Full system and device visibility
  • Unified management of multi-tier and multi-tenant ecosystems

Identity Security MFA / 2FA

With our Multifator Authentication (MFA) solutions you gain the necessary security to protect identities, assets, accounts and information. Let your company work confidently and worry-free with easy-to-use solutions complete multi-factor authentication and credential management solutions.

The use of multiple authentication factors limits the risks associated with weak passwords.

  • Zero-Trust
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • SAML and RADIUS integration
  • Mobile application for double authentication (Push messages, one-time passwords, challenge response QR Codes)
  • Offline authentication with mobile application
  • Integration with different services

ENDPOINT Security Solutions

We offer full stcak Endpoint Security solutions that prevent advanced cyberattacks on endpoints. They are protection, detection and response tools to ensure secure access on any device. Protect all your company’s devices.

  • EPP, EDR, EPDR and XDR
  • Greater protection for secure passwords
  • Proteção de dados privados dos utilizadores.
  • Reinforced protection for user identities
  • Protection against network data breaches.
  • Mobile DNA Technology.
  • Establish security and access policies – device, networks and VPN
  • Cloud-based applications
  • Set policies for critical information use, strengthen data privacy and enforce protection mechanisms: includes geolocation policies, schedule policies and mobile DNA
  • Monitoring and actionable insights and reports
  • Audits and intrusion testing.

Endpoint Security Solutions

EPP: EndPoint Protection Platform

  • Protection against malware, ransomware, spyware and phishing, ready to identify the latest threats.
  • Real-time reports
  • Endpoint Firewall.
  • Web Filtering.
  • Multiple platform and device support.

EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Continuous EndPoint Monitoring
  • Automatic detection, discovery and response
  • Using machine-learning and AI models
  • Complete visibility of EndPoints and servers
  • Zero-Trust and Threat Hunting
  • Block anomalous behavior
  • Recommendations and proactive actions, for anomalous patterns
  • Create new global security rules quickly applied to all EndPoints.

EPDR: EndPoint Protection Detection and Response

  • Protection, Detection and Response.
  • Combines EPP and EDR solutions, to stop advanced cyberattacks on endpoints by detecting a wider field of threats and providing automatic responses.
  • Continuous monitoring, detection and classification of all activities, in order to identify and block unusual behavior.
  • Behavior assessment and detection of IoAS (indicators of attack).
  • Automatic Detection and Response to threats.
  • Proactive actions to discover new attack techniques, increasing protection.
  • Cloud-based management platform.
  • Zero-Trust and Threat Hunting features.

XDR – Extended Detection Response

The most complete Endpoint security solutions your company can can. Combines data from a given device with all network data.

  • Threat correlation across all organization environments, users and devices.
  • Threat Sync features.
  • Cross-product, cross-domain visibility that simplifies security operations and accelerates detection.
  • Integrated threat assessment intelligence for systems, users and devices. Eliminates the need for multiple solutions and streamlines security operations.
  • Uses smart alert scale.
  • Threat scoring and prioritization.
  • Automated patching policies.
  • Options for manual intervention as needed.
  • Faster threat blocking.

Intelligent Network and EndPoint Security

We streamline your IT environment with unified Network and Endpoint Security solutions.

Gain greater visibility with Security Access Point management and monitoring, preventing failures and attacks to your critical data.

Network and Endpoint Security festures from CompuWorks Solutions

CompuWorks delivers aditional services to provide you with greater security guarantees with managed IT services.

We manage all operations, supporting all network infrastructures, with a multidisciplinary team.

We operate on a full or partial service provision basis alog with your teams. This way we allow our customers to focus on their business.

Segurança de Redes e Endpoints

Increased security, availability and performance in your organization’s Networks and Endpoints

We provide IT services to boost security, availability and performance of networks and systems.

Don’t set on having top tools that you cannot use or have time to manage. Benefit from specialized assistance that assures your business full support and higher protection.

IT Infrastruture Management and Monitoring IT Infrastruture Management and Monitoring

Achieve a unified visibility platform across all networks, endpoints and users with a specialized partner. Prevent intruders from accessing your networks and systems.

Access policies management Access policies management

We simplify all operations by managing and implementing access policies. Turn on and off the network policies from a central platform.

Managed IT Service Provider Managed IT Service Provider

MSPs empowers your company with constant access to technological updates.

We have extensive knowledge of IT new and improved tools and are always up to date with the latests solutions.

IT Auditing and Consulting IT Auditing and Consulting

We safeguard your technologies with IT audits and regular availability and intrusion tests. Furthermore, you get safer networks and devices, and availability of all your information and systems. Count on our IT consultants to help you.

IT Security Strategy IT Security Strategy

We qualify companies with strategic IT security services and solutions prepared for present threats, preventing the future failures. Our IT teams protect your networks and endpoints with proactive and corrective actions based on the AI insights from monitoring platforms.

Improved IT security Improved IT security

We design and deploy solutions for safer and more reliable Network infrastructures. Our teams are certified in corporate cabling infrastructures, capable of responding to any challenge.

IT Support and Assisstance IT Support and Assisstance

CompuWorks delivers multidisciplinary teams, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor and manage your networks and solve any IT incident.

Data privacy Data privacy

Our Network and Device Security service enables access to greater availability and data recovery in the event of failures or cyberattacks.

Get Networks and Endpoint Security solutions

We work for IT

We give full assistance in Network and Device Management, so your business can have available and secure systems.

Protect your business data!

We are expert liders in unified Network and Endpoint Security

We work, IT works.

We protect business digital assets for more than 20 years.

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Why trust CompuWorks Network and Endpoints Solutions

Segurança de Redes e EndPoints

Expand business operations with Network and Endpoint Security

Innovation projects will most likely need technological and digital transformation of your organization. This is an inevitable change to work processes, building more productive companies.

This alone involves a new security strategy for your organization’s networks and IT systems. It will ensure, not only information security, but also continuous operations..

The technical skills required to have secure infrastructures include network and systems management, cloud computing, incident handling and much more.

At CompuWorks, you will find a complete IT partner. From identifying needs, designing and implementing networks and systems, to managing and monitoring the most appropriate solutions.

Protect your business operations with Secure Networks and Endpoints

Know the benefits of our solutions

Our goal is to reduce threat detection and response times.

CompuWorks is a certified MSP who protects your IT investments.

We provide modern IT tools, suitable for your business and capable of optimizing your operations, so that they can continue to work smoothly.

Cost reduction Cost reduction

Our approach considerably reduces operational costs of IT infrastructures and IT maintenance.

Performance Performance

Gain secure access to networks, devices and all enterprise systems without loss in performance.

Cloud-based management Cloud-based management

We have cloud-based centralized management solutions. Create and filter access rules that offer greater protection for all your workstations from a single place.

Network visibility Network visibility

Our solutions allow data collection and awareness of readable information, with threat correlation reports. Gain the ability to respond to network and system threats.

User friendly tools User friendly tools

User friendly and unified management tools. Easy-to-use and understandable reports with global or segmented insights.

AI machine learning AI machine learning

We offer solutions which use continuous learning AI tools. These are cutting-edge innovative solutions.

Operability Operability

Continuous workflows with secure network connections. Save your employees’ working time by avoiding computer system failures.

Agility Agility

Gain agility with alert systems in the event of failure. This way you avoids network downtime and prevent unauthorized user access.

Networks and Endpoints for Businesss

Optimize the security of your IT systems with a partner that guarantees IT security.

Secure and certified partnerships are at the foundation of any business

We are partners with the best technology brands

What sets us appart

Our IT Technicians have years of experience and the required skills to provide your company with Network and Endpoint Security solutions fitted to your business.

20 year Experience Experience

More than 20 years IT experience.

Profissional Team Profissional Team

Customer dedication, multidisciplinary team with constant training.

24×7 Support 24×7 Support

On site or remote support, with centralized management and monitoring.

Partnership you can trust Partnership you can trust

We offer total availability and focus on the customer’s goals. We promote relationships of transparency, continuity and trust.

IT Consulting and Auditing IT Consulting and Auditing

We create a requirements assessment and present capable technological solutions.

Certified Partner Certified Partner

We are an IT partner with recognition from technology brands. We also have partnerships with international, market-leading brands and manufacturers.

Full IT Assistance Full IT Assistance

We provide Managed IT Services by teams of specialized IT technicians, in order to free up your IT teams for operations of greater value to your business.

Everything we do is based on 3 key vectors adapted to your business:

  • IT Security
  • Productivity
  • Reliability

Get peace of mind with an IT partner who ensures all the support you need to secure your System Networks and Endpoints.

Network and Endpoints Security for your business

Ensure the endurance of all your business operations.

Keep your business secure with CompuWorks IT Services for Businness

Get professional Networks and Endpoint Security Solutions

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