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IT Outsourcing Service for your Business

We work, IT works.

Gain flexibility with IT Outsourcing Service and Technicians. Ensure professionals and specialists with technical expertise.

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IT Technicians
IT Outsourcing

IT Technicians Outsourcing Models

The growth of organizations and new market challenges mean that companies need to hire professionals with IT and technological skills suited to change, in order to grow their businesses..

Our IT Outsourcing Service allows companies to benefit from quick access to highly qualified and proven profiles.

Our IT Technicians are always available to give support for your business

CompuWorks assures your company with IT Technicians, professionals specialized and qualified. Our temas have experience in different IT and technology fields.

What to expect from CompuWorks IT Outsourcing Service:

  • check IT and computer engineers.
  • check Hiring experts in different IT areas at any and all times.
  • check Different technical profiles and skills, with training adapted to your needs.
  • check All the flexibility to scale teams in an agile manner.
  • check Professionalism and the dedication you need to accelerate your business.
  • check Executing projects in a timely manner, without internal capacity losses.
  • check Risk and cost reductions associated with service failures and lack of internal technicians.
  • check During vacations and sick leave, our professionals are replaced – Your company pays for 12 months only.
  • check Total reliability and availability.

Free yourself from time-consuming processes of recruiting and finding IT technicians with the right skills.

CompuWorks provides qualified, certified technical profiles who are driven by the success of our customers.

IT Outsourcing Service and Technicians
Compuworks. We work, IT works.

More than Tech profiles, we ensure your company with specialty professionals, with expertise and training suited to your challenges and projects. We identify the skills required and get you the professionals with the skills for each area or department.

Benefit from highly qualified profiles in line with your requirements and needs.

Systems Administrator

Systems Administrator

Senior IT Technician

Senior IT Technician

Junior IT Technician

Junior IT Technician

IT Security Specialist

IT Security Specialist

Network administrator

Network administrator

Helpdesk technician

Helpdesk technician

IT Technicians suited to your needs

We understand that all projects are subject to change. At CompuWorks, we identify needs and present you only the best option.

Rest assured that our IT Consultants are always available to assess your needs at any time, making the necessary changes to Computer technicians allocated to your company or project.

Regardless of the expertise of the technician allocated to your company, you will always have the support of a multidisciplinary team to meet all your needs..

Count on experts in all IT System areas and technologies.

Apoio de Técnicos e Consultores Informáticos

Get rid of IT problems and streamline your teams!

Looking for IT Technicians for your business?

Hire IT systems specialists in Outsourcing

Why choose

Every day we work to offer our customers the best IT Technicians for companies and business!

With CompuWorks you have a partner with full knowledge of the IT sector, always ready to support your business, advising you on the best choices and solutions.

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We have over 20 years of experience in providing IT Outsourcing Service for companies. We provide IT services with the purpose of improving our customers’ activities Find out more about our company..


We are fully aware of the importance IT assumes in business strategy and company evolution.

We know the responsibilities we undertake in your organization.


We have a team of IT professionals who have been in the company for several years and they demonstrate total dedication to our customers. Respect, honesty and professional ethics are a requirement in this kind of services.


We have a multidisciplinary team, highly responsible and dedicated in solving any IT problem. Qualified technicians, with skills in different areas of IT giving IT support to all our customers.


We invest in the ongoing training of our IT Technicians in order to offer highly qualified profiles and guarantee solutions that are always innovative and adapted to change.


Take advantage of our highly specialized IT technicians and their know-how. Our teams have accumulated experience in the IT assistance provided to our customer portfolio being able to solve any situation quickly and efficiently.

IT Consulting

We provide IT Consulting and free advice, to guarantee you permanent support, and assess adequate resource allocation over time.


With CompuWorks you have a professional team that is always available and focused on providing excellent service to our customers.

Full IT Services

Our IT technicians also have a backup support team made up of specialised technicians, always available to clarify any questions or overcome any challenge.


Count on a partner to provide 24×7 support at your company, an IT department and team in Outsourcing, or together with your CTO.

Get to know CompuWorks IT Technicians

Professionalism, teamwork and customer focused

This is how our team describes their daily mission and respond to current challenges, preventing future risks.

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Join more than 200 customers who already trust CompuWorks.

IT Outsourcing Service advantages

We were created with the aim of providing integrated IT services in Outsourcing.
See everything there is to gain from our IT Technicians.

Benefits for your business

Costs control

Costs control

Clearly reduces your fixed payroll costs into variable costs, adapted to your needs.

Greater liquidity with IT Department in Outsourcing

Greater liquidity

With IT Department in Outsourcing you can cut costs, and free up financial resources to reinforce key areas of your business.

Budget planning

Budget planning

With greater control over all costs, you get greater predictability when planning your budget in advance.

Processess cutback

Processess cutback

No complications or worries during hiring, replacement or termination of contracts.

Business focus

Business focus

Allows you to free yourself from complicated processes in order to fully focus on your business.

Guarantees that CompuWorks has to offer you

IT Technicians 12 months a year

IT Technicians 12 months a year

With CompuWorks, you are guaranteed the replacement of technicians during vacations or layoffs. Enjoy access to our professionals 12 months a year without service downtimes.

Simplify IT Technician Recruitment

IT Technician Recruitment

Don’t take risks by hiring IT technicians with no experience. We guarantee specialized technical profiles with the skills you require.

Trained IT Technicians

Trained IT Technicians

We invest in training our specialists in different IT areas, with the aim of guaranteeing highly qualified profiles adapted to innovation needs.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing

Support from a multidisciplinary team, always available.

Professional IT Technicians


You konw you have a service provider always focused on providing the best service and satisfying the customer.

Variety of Computer Specialities

Range of Computer Specialities

Have all IT technical profiles at your disposal immediately and free up your unnecessary fixed costs.

Focus on your business and leave IT to us

Invest in IT Outsourcing Service and IT Technicians

We work, IT works.

Optimize productivity and profits. Talk to one of our IT professionals to get a proposal tailored to your needs.

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Accelerate your business with our IT Outsourcing Service

At CompuWorks you will find all the technical skills you are looking for

When choosing CompuWorks IT Technicians, you will benefit from a partner, with high quality standards which allows you to create more value for your business, with privileged access to technological innovations.

Don’t waste any more time. At CompuWorks you will find all the technological skills you are looking for.

IT Outsourcing Technicians

We are certified by the most reputable brands in IT

Trust a certified partner like CompuWorks. We are IT professionals.

We create greater value for your business!

Benefit from the best IT Technicians

We are ready to work with you!

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