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We Work, IT Works.

We put your company to Work.

We are your information technology partner that makes your company work with innovation, efficiency and protection.

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CompuWorks. We Work for IT.

CompuWorks is your IT partner.

Our mission is:

To be a key partner for the effectiveness and operability of our clients’ business.

We optimize resources and provide IT assistance and ongoing monitoring in all projects developed.

We contribute to the growth and development of companies, quickly, safely and confidentially, maximizing the efficiency of their information systems. We work every day to respond to constant market challenges.

Our positioning is:

We work for IT.

At CompuWorks we work to assure copmany’s IT Technologies work the most up-to-date way possible, with innovation, efficiency and protection.

Focus on your business and leave IT to us!

Hiring a business partner for IT outsourcing assures a service always focused on satisfying the customer with permanent monitoring.

With CompuWorks you always benefit from the best technology solutions, quickly, professionally and clearly more cost-effectively.

Do not let your business stop due to computer problems! When businesses grow, they become more complex. Avoiding problems is the most efficient and accessible way of maintaining a functional and secure IT structure.

Engaging CompuWorks means having a trusted partner with 360º knowledge of the IT industry, always ready to support your business. We have a vast set of technical skills that allow us to respond to the challenges of today, and anticipate those of tomorrow


360º IT Support

A team with on-going development in

Hardware & Software 100%
IT Support 100%
IT Security: Network and Endpoint Security 100%
Networks and Wireless 100%



Your full IT Department

Resource Optimization 100%
Flexibility 100%



CompuWorks Certifications
CompuWorks Certifications
CompuWorks - We work, IT works.

Why CompuWorks as your IT partner?

CompuWorks puts your work to work. We are conscience of how important our work is in our clients’s business. IT are crucial for business success, that is why it is fundamental that technologies are fully operational, and secure at all times.

For more than 20 years, we have designed and optimized a business model and have a set of partnerships which allows us to assure this compromise with each and every single one of our clients.

We work, IT works.

Conscience of the responsability we take on for more than 240 clients, CompuWorks offers a set of services and IT solutions, in helpdesk, system administration, cibersecurity, network and infrastructure management, outsourcing, IT consulting. Always according to your company’s dimension and business needs.

CTOs and CIOs can count on our highly specialized team, to help you implement and manage your IT systems and infrastructures .

Whatever the challenge
We work for IT.

CompuWorks - We work, IT works.
Soluções Workplace

We are in business for more than 20 years and we are here to stay.

We are a solid company, with a growth rate of about 20%. Security, secrecy and the ability to evolve at market speed are characteristics that differentiate us.

  • Of our 240 current clients, we have been partners of 90 for more than 10 years.
  • Our clients have a 96% satisfaction rate with our services and forms of remuneration.

Our daily mission is to guarantee an excellent service, providing the best solutions, the most efficient resources and permanent monitoring of all of our projects.

Get to know the numbers that set us apart

Get to know the numbers that set us apart

20 years CompuWorks
CompuWorks PME Líder 2023
20 years CompuWorks
CompuWorks PME Líder 2023
Postos de trabalho protegidos


Work stations

Nºº de utilizadores acompanhados


Monitored end users

Equipamentos móveis protegidos


Secured mobile devices

Horas de assistência


Support hours/ Year

Servidores instalados


Installed servers

Ataques informáticos evitados


Prevented Cyberattacks

This is the time when our customers are working for us.

With competent professionals who are always willing to help, we have at Compuworks the partner that matches our needs and expectations.

Elsa Anastácio
CTO, Tejo Brinde

Compuworks helped us make a giant qualitative leap in our IT infrastructure, thanks to its deep know-how in all IT areas and the professionalism of the team. Undoubtedly a partnership to maintain for many years.

Luis Costa
IT Manager, TraductaNET

As an IT partner, we place complete trust in Compuworks, due to the availability, speed of action and technical capacity, which they have always shown us. A team of excellence.

Gil Cardoso
Gestor de Produto, Sintimex

Sílvia Romeiro - Business Manager

Sílvia Romeiro
Business Manager

[email protected]
+351 927 791 446

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We work for IT.

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